Posted by: Kelley | September 11, 2011

The Nanny Diaries – Emma McLaughlin

This was one of several books I read while spending a week at the beach (I’m actually sitting on the beach right now). I guess I enjoyed it, there were a few really funny parts. I felt that the characters were poorly developed though – except for the Xs – including:

-HH: this guy was sort of a dick, and she seemed to only like him because he was cute.
-everyone in Nanny’s family: what was up with the rich grandmother? why was she even in the series?
-Nanny’s friends: sarah? blue-haired Josh? Charlene who kicked her out and btw, did Nanny ever find a place to live? Did any of them have a point?
-Grayer: he instantly went from a brat to a great kid…how?
-Nanny herself: perhaps the most poorly developed of them all. I could not figure out her motivation for doing the things she did. Why did she let them treat her that way?

Most of those characters I felt didn’t even need to be mentioned in the book – they added nothing to the story. But sometimes random detailed facts about them were thrown in that left me wondering if this was the second book of a series or something, because it was as if the author expected me to know/care already. I really enjoyed the parts with Grayer, though, and the (sad) tales of the macrobiotic food, French lessons, super clean apartment, etc.

Basically I thought it was a good concept with terrible implementation and writing.

I just found out there’s a sequel, I’m gonna have to hunt that down. It sounds…not good, though.



  1. The kid’s name is Grayer? That is unfortunate and depressing.

  2. but also kinda funny. It goes along with the story, the insane names these people are giving their children. best part of the book, really.

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