Posted by: Kelley | September 10, 2011

so here’s the deal

The last thing the world needs is another book review blog, especially one written by me – because I am no book reviewer. I couldn’t hang at a real book review site where I’ll sound stupid if I don’t describe the author’s delicate prose. But, sometimes when I’m reading a book, or I just finished a book, I get so desperate to talk to someone about it and no one I know in real life cares! My boyfriend will always listen cause he’s polite and awesome, but he doesn’t read so he can’t really understand. My sister loves to discuss books but we don’t really read the same types of things. My mother only reads things like Jeanette Oke and Jodi Picoult. And I don’t know anyone else who reads!!!!

I read a LOT. The trouble is, I read the same things over and over and over and over. I see a new book that looks neat, but it’s difficult to force myself to give it a try. I dunno, it’s weird. So instead of starting on that DAMN Steig Larsson series like I keep planning to because Amazon won’t stop shoving it down my throat, I just read Shane or Wheel of Time or something by Phillippa Gregory AGAIN.

And this usually works out for me because…a lot of new books SUCK. And I’m left with that feeling like I want to throw something, and I have no outlet. So that’s what this is!


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